Community Center

Our Trinity Gym

Christened the Mrs. Chris C. Hite Memorial Community Center in 2011, the Trinity Gym is most definitely a “happening place.” From Basketball practice and games to simple Birthday parties and Banquets, the facilities definitely have a use in our Free Home community.

These facilities include a basketball court with indoor bleacher seating to view practices and games, and have areas marked off for hopscotch and volleyball. Along with a kitchenette, there is a stage with a built-in projector which includes a drop-down screen. There is also a handicap wheelchair lift for persons needing extra help to access the stage.

Tables and chairs are available for banquets and birthday parties. Seating is possible for around 250 people. Please–NO Spiked heels!

The Gym is available to rent for a donation to Trinity Presbyterian Church.

Release forms must be filled out in advance (a link to download is shown below) and scheduling is coordinated through Teri Abercrombie. She can be reached at the church phone 678-493-6955.


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